20 - Proverbs

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  1. Chapters 1-4: Introduction. Wisdom and Folly. The Path of Wisdom.
  2. Chapters 5-9: Sexual Purity. Good Business Practices. God’s Hate List. The Lure of the Harlot. The Path to Destruction.
  3. Chapters 10-14: The Main Collection of Solomon’s Proverbs. The Most Painful Sin: Gossip.
  4. Chapters 15-19: The Main Collection of Solomon’s Proverbs. The Godly Tongue vs. the Evil Tongue.
  5. Chapters 20-24: Dangers of Intoxication. The Sayings of the Wise Men.
  6. Chapters 25-29: Hezekiah’s Collection of Solomon’s Proverbs.
  7. Chapter 30: The Words of Agur. What’s in a Name?
  8. Chapter 31: The Words of Lemuel’s Mother. Tribute to the Godly, Dedicated Woman.

The Book of Proverbs could be titled, "Wise Up" and Live. Beyond simply obeying laws, this book focuses on leading an aggressively dynamic life, giving examples of proper and improper attitudes, conduct, and characteristics in succinct, penetrating ways. A proverb can be thought of as "a short sentence from long experience"; it is easy to remember, yet it condenses much wisdom into a small space.

''All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable'' in four ways: for doctrine - what's right; for reproof - what's not right; for correction - how to get right; and for instruction in righteousness - how to stay right (2 Timothy 3:16). This book touches on all four of these.


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