49 - Ephesians

Session Info.:

  1. Introduction and Chapter 1a - Introduction. Background. God’s Blueprint.
  2. Ephesians Chapter 1b - The Redemption. Forgiveness. Death.
  3. Ephesians Chapter 1c - Prayer for the Ephesians’ Spiritual Growth. Three Petitions.
  4. Ephesians Chapter 2 - The Christian’s Past, Present and Future.
  5. Ephesians Chapter 3 - The Great Mystery, the Church. Church vs. Israel.
  6. Ephesians Chapter 4 - The Christian Walk. Seven Graces.
  7. Ephesians Chapter 5 - 6:9 - Light vs. Darkness. Ministries of the Spirit. Marriages.
  8. Ephesians Chapter 6:10 - 24 - The Armor of God. The Age of Deceit.

Have you ever wished you could win a lottery? Or inherit a great fortune? We have already won an inheritance that is beyond our comprehension! An inheritance that transcends any quantitative measurement. In fact, it was set aside for us before the world began!

Ephesians is regarded by many as the loftiest pinnacle of the New Testament, and yet is also a practical manual for personal combat.

Join Chuck Missler as he explores Ephesians verse-by-verse.


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