50 - Philippians

Session Info.:

  1. Introduction - Background. Paul’s First Visit to Philippi (Acts 16). How God Guides.
  2. Chapter 1 - Timothy. Our Security in Christ. The Christian’s Death Benefits. Christian Conduct.
  3. Chapter 2:1-11 - Four Pillars for Christian Unity. The Kenosis. The Great Parabola. Jesus’ Names.
  4. Chapter 2:12-30 - Practical Examples. Living for Others. The Sanctity of a Commitment.
  5. Chapter 3 - The Advent of the Judaizers. Happiness vs. Joy. Losses Result in Gains. The Ultimate Goal. Winning the Race!
  6. Chapter 4 - Getting Along with Christians. The Meaning of Prayer. God’s Rules for Doubtful Things.

Paul certainly knew suffering, and Paul also knew true joy. And he knew joy through suffering. In his darkest hour, he wrote this letter to encourage his most intimate friends. He himself was a prisoner at the time yet it was he who was providing encouragement to them, the faithful at Philippi!

Here is a letter that is pregnant with insights on the real priorities in life, encouragement during difficult trials, and guidance during the inevitable dark times. Inner joy occurs 16 times in these four brief chapters. Paul also deals with some of our thorniest issues: how to deal with Christian troublemakers. He very likely lost his life because of trouble caused by Christians in Rome!

A passage, known among scholars as the Kenosis, teaches of the divinity of Christ, His preexistence, and His equality with the Father.


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