59 - James

Session Info.:

  1. Chuck Missler Intro to James
  2. Chapter 1:1-12: Introduction. Victorious Faith. Crown of Life.
  3. Chapter 1:13-1:27: Temptation. Doers of the Word. “Religion.”
  4. Chapter 2:1-13: Gossip. Manifested Faith. Lack of Justice. Judgment.
  5. Chapter 2:14-26: 3 Kinds of Faith. Justified. Faith without Works is Dead.
  6. Chapter 3:1-12: Controlling Faith. The Tongue. Know a Tree by its Fruit.
  7. Chapters 3:13-Ch. 4: Wisdom. Evidences of True Wisdom. Submissive Faith. The World, the Flesh, the Devil.
  8. Chapter 5: The Rich. Straight Talk. The Power of Patience. Prayer.
  9. Conclusion: Shroud of Turin. The Knights Templar. Freemasonry.

The Book of James focuses on the believer's justification before men. His robust epistle focuses on the practical Christian walk rather than on doctrine; it is directed toward a living faith. Faith is not believing in spite of the evidence; Faith is obeying in spite of the consequences.


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