66 - Revelation

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  1. Introduction: Some general comments about the Book of Revelation and its uniqueness.
  2. Chapter 1: “The Things Which Thou Hast Seen.” The vision which opens the book and the verse that organizes it.
  3. Chapter 2:1-7: The Letter to the Church of Ephesus.
  4. Chapter 2:8-11: The Letter to the Church of Smyrna.
  5. Chapter 2:12-17: The Letter to the Church of Pergamos.
  6. Chapter 2:18-29: The Letter to the Church of Thyatira.
  7. Chapter 3:1-6: The Letter to the Church of Sardis.
  8. Chapter 3:7-18: The Letter to the Church of Philadelphia.
  9. Chapter 3:14-22: The Letter to the Church of Laodicea.
  10. Chapters 4-5: The Throne Room of Heaven.
  11. The 69 Weeks of Daniel.
  12. The 70th Week of Daniel.
  13. Chapter 6: Opening the Seals.
  14. Chapter 7: Sealing the 144,000.
  15. Chapters 8-9: The Seven Trumpets.
  16. Chapters 10-11: The Two Witnesses.
  17. Chapter 12: The Woman and Man-Child.
  18. Chapter 13: The Two Beasts.
  19. Chapter 14: Prelude to the Bowls.
  20. Chapters 15-16: The Seven Bowls of Wrath.
  21. Chapters 17-18: The Mystery of Babylon.
  22. Chapter 19: Return of the King.
  23. Chapter 20: The Millennium.
  24. Chapters 21-22: Eternity.

The Book of Revelation is the only book of the Bible with a Promise to the reader! Why? What makes this book so special?

Revelation is a "lens" that puts the entire Bible into focus. The lens is focused on the person of Jesus Christ, and his destiny is imminent. This is a book of victory: We are overcomers! We are the ultimate winners in the game of life! (I read the ending: we win!)

One of the reasons this book strikes us as strange is because of our lack of understanding concerning the Old Testament. The Book of Revelation consists of 404 verses that contain over 800 allusions to the Old Testament. These are detailed, along with Chuck's analysis of the design and structure of this fascinating book. Learn about the past, present and future of the Church and our ultimate destiny. This is an ideal "first study" and foundational for every Christian.

This study contains 24 hours of verse by verse teachings


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