Weathering the Coming Storm

Session Info.:

  1. The Global Predicament
  2. The National Predicament
  3. The Foundational Predicament
  4. The Family Predicament
  5. Our Personal Predicament
  6. Summary

Dr. Chuck Missler, an internationally known business executive, outlines our current economic predicament and defensive steps you can take to lessen the impact of the impending economic crisis. As a Bible teacher for over 30 years with a ministry reaching over 40 countries, Chuck shares some key strategies to prepare yourself spiritually and practically.

  • Is the World facing another major economic upheaval?
  • What is the best strategy to protect your family in times of economic uncertainty?
  • The Church has enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence in the West for a few centuries but the with the coming persecution, how do we go about organizing home study and home-church?
  • Soul Survival – Keeping your “lamp full” during the hard times ahead.

Join Dr. Chuck Missler and Ron Matsen in the Executive Briefing Room of The River Lodge, New Zealand, in an intensive summary outlining what lies ahead and how we can prepare for the coming storm.


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