The End Times Scenario

Session Info.:

  1. Introduction. Eschatological Hermeneutics. Preview of the Sessions. Daniel’s 70 Weeks.
  2. The Rapture
  3. Pre-Rapture Events. The 70th Week of Daniel 9: Definition; the Abomination of Desolation; the AntiChrist; Mark of the Beast.
  4. Babylon. Kings of the East. Armageddon (The Refuge in Edom; The Sequence). The Second Coming. The Kingdom.
  5. The Millennium: Satan bound. The Final Rebellion. The Millennial Temple. The New Jerusalem.
  6. Post-Rapture Events. The Bema Seat. The Wedding of the Bride. The Kingdom (from) Heaven. The Overcomers. Letters to 7 Churches.

Many people are becoming increasingly conscious that we are entering a unique phase of human history. Some are terrified. Some are predicting cosmic doom on the near horizon. Others are making astonishing predictions. What does the Bible really say?

Eschatology (the Study of “Last Things”) is among the most challenging avenues of study, even for the most sophisticated.

  • What are the “real” End Time events?
  • What is the most preposterous doctrine in Christianity?
  • Does the Church go through the Great Tribulation?
  • Which Kingdom do we pray for in the Lord’s Prayer?
  • Is there really a “Battle of Armageddon”?  Why?
  • What Scripture did Jesus deliberately leave out in Nazareth?
  • Who is the “AntiChrist”?  Is he alive today?
  • Should we expect a literal Babylon on the horizon?

Join Dr. Chuck Missler in the Executive Briefing Room of The River Lodge, New Zealand, in an intensive summary of the entire fabric of controversies and insights in this most provocative area.


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